Watching the Olympics Far From Home

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Photo Courtesy of AIBA Boxing.

The 2016 Summer Olympics provides us all with an opportunity to celebrate amazing athletes from around the globe and sit in awe of their accomplishments. The Olympics promote good relations and amiable competition among countries around the world, and date back more than 3,000 years to ancient Greece. Since those first games, the worldwide event has grown and expanded to include 207 countries in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero.

Watching the Olympics from outside of your home country can be a powerful experience. Celebrating your own individual nation’s victories can be infinitely more powerful when you are thousands of miles away from home cheering on your athletes and compatriots. It also creates the opportunity for friendly chiding between international groups of friends and becomes a sport in and of itself. It is even a great opportunity to learn the value of competitive sporting events not regularly played in the United States or in your nation of origin.

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) hosts the U.S. official Olympic Games coverage in English and Spanish.  Tune in with friends and colleagues to share this iconic intercultural event.  While you watch, reflect upon the unique perspective of the coverage.  Is it different from what you would expect? How are your national athletes and teams portrayed by U.S. media?

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