Maintaining Contact with Your J Program Sponsor

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First and foremost, we are here to help you. During your stay in the U.S., if you face any issues, especially regarding your housing, health insurance, or work place, then please contact your Case Manager as soon as possible. Your Case Manager is the person who interviewed you and signed your DS-2019. Your Case Manager has in-depth knowledge of all of the J-1 rules and regulations.

The American Immigration Council will keep in touch with you throughout your stay and we expect the same from you. Make sure you understand all the instructions that were given to you during your initial Skype interview. If anything was not clear to you then, or is not clear to you now, please do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately.

Below you will find the mandatory check-in requirements that you need to fulfill to maintain your J-1 visa status in the U.S.:

Before you start your program:

  1. Program Arrival and Start date: You are expected to report to the Council about your travel plans after your get your J-1 Visa is approved. This will allow us to confirm that your dates are correct in SEVIS.  If you will be covered by the IMG group Insurance, this will also activate your enrollment.
  2. Follow up Information: After you arrive in the U.S., you are must report to the Council about your arrival. Please do this within five days of your arrival. This information will be used to activate your SEVIS status. You cannot participate in your J program until you are active in SEVIS.

During your program:

  1. Thirty Day Check-ins: You are expected to fill out a short survey 30 days after you have started your program. This will document the fulfillment of the requirement that you have received an orientation from your host.
  2. Midpoint Evaluation: If your program is less than six months, you do not need to worry about the Midpoint Evaluation. However, if your program is six months long or longer, then you do need to fill out the Midpoint Evaluation. As the name itself implies, you need fill this out halfway through your program, for example if your program is 12 months long, you need to fill this out after the first six months of your program. Make sure your supervisor fills it out as well.  You should also use this as an opportunity to review your learning methods and objectives. This will meet the regulatory requirement for evaluation and maintain your active status in SEVIS.
  3. End-of-Stay Evaluation: Regardless of the length of your program, you are required to fill out your End-of-Stay Evaluation. Within 30 days of your program end, make sure to sit down your supervisor and discuss what you have learned, including any deliverables. Completion of the end-of-stay evaluation will meet the regulatory requirement for evaluation and end your J program in good standing.
  4. Address Change Updates: If you change your apartment or housing during your program, then please report to the Council within ten days of the address change. You can update your address in FluidReview.  Contact us if you need help. Once we have received your address update request, then we will update your address in SEVIS as well.
  5. Travel validations: If you need to travel outside of the United States during your J program, you must first send your DS-2019 form to us with the Travel Validation Request to be endorsed for travel. 

After the completion of your program:

  1. Alumni Survey: Six months after you have completed your program, make sure you fill out the Alumni Survey. This gives us an opportunity to learn how you have implemented what you have learned in your home country. This will also give us an opportunity to improve our program so we can better assist future J-1 Exchange Visitors.

Any time:

  1. J-1 Journeys: Share your impressions of life in the United States through a post or comment on J-1 Journeys. This web page is your place to share with a larger audience your experience as an exchange visitor.

Here are ways to contact your IEC Case Manager: