Getting to Know a J-1: Tausifa Hasin Tajalli

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TausifaCurrent Location: Seattle, WA
Originally From:

Where are you currently working?
In Business Development at the Starbucks Corporation

What have you found most surprising about America?
All people seem rich. Even the living standard of the dogs seems higher than mine!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve observed while on your visit?
People don’t use water in the toilet. They use tissue to clean themselves!

[Editor’s Note: Our French interns agree – where’s the bidet?]

What did you find to be true or false about America that you only learned after spending time here?
I have found that American people are very well mannered and helpful which I heard before. I heard that family bond is less strong in America which is not true. Americans do have strong family bonds which may be different from ours. They do have strong tie with relatives like us!

What one thing would you like to take from America and bring back home?
The egalitarian working culture. People should be treated as human beings, not merely as employee or customers. Moreover, I also admire the traffic system of America especially the system of payment for parking cars which I want to implement in Bangladesh.

What one thing would you like America to adopt from your home?
I have found that old people here are not well cared. Americans should live with their old family members like us.

What has been the favorite part of your experience here?
The working environment at Starbucks. Everyone is considered as partner, not as employer or employee.

What has been your least favorite part about your experience here?
Everything is so expensive in comparison to my home country, Bangladesh.

What is one burning question you have about America that you would like someone to answer for you?
Why is higher education so expensive in America?

Someone you know from back home is coming to America for the first time. What is one thing they should definitely bring with them?
Warm clothes and a cell phone with GPS.

What is the one place you would most like to visit before you leave America?
Harvard University.

What are you most likely to tell friends and family at home about America?
Everything is so organized and well managed in America. People follow traffic signals and rules.

What is one thing your American colleagues and friends have been surprised to learn about life back in your home country?
We eat too many spices in comparison to them.

What impact do you think your experience here will have after you return home?
I will treat people as human beings, not merely as any mean to an end.

What is the most “American”thing you have done during your visit?
Arranging a party on 4th July.