Getting to Know a J-1: Tanya Kakaradova

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Name:  Tanya Kakaradova

Training Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Originally From: Bulgaria

WP_20141123_11_01_53_ProWhat have you found most surprising about America?
Regardless of how advanced this country is in many aspects, building wooden houses instead of the solid concrete and brick alternative still astonishes me.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve observed while on your visit?
The colorfulness of the people in ideas, beliefs and religions.

What one thing would you like to take from America and bring back home?
The positive attitudes of the people, the kind traffic, and non-honking drivers.

What one thing would you like America to adopt from your home?
Community areas like parks, pedestrian zones and downtown’s.

What has been the favorite part of your experience here?
Meeting all variety of people and the opportunities of growth.

What has been your least favorite part about your experience here?
You can’t exist without a car.

Someone you know from back home is coming to America for the first time. What is one thing they should definitely bring with them?
Mixed traditional salt. That`s the only thing that I can’t find in the stores… and savory.

What are you most likely to tell friends and family at home about America?
It’s an amazing country to live in.

What is the most “American” thing you have done during your visit?
Ordering food for dinner instead of cooking it, and tailgating sports games.