Getting to Know a J-1: Ramachandran Nallusamy

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 Name: Ramachandran Nallusamy

Training Location: Suwanee, Georgia

Originally From: India

EV Photo_Ramachandran NallusamyWhat have you found most surprising about America?
99 percent of the people are following traffic rules.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve observed while on your visit?

What one thing would you like to take from America and bring back home?
The people are enjoying life a lot, and they are spending more time with family. I would like to take this aspect with me.

What is the one place you would most like to visit before you leave America?
Los Angeles, California

What are you most likely to tell friends and family at home about America?
I would like to share with my family the professionalism, knowledge, and respect for others in the U.S.

What is one thing your American colleagues and friends have been surprised to learn about life back in your home country?
My colleagues have been surprised to learn about our country’s food.

What has been the favorite part of your experience here?
There are many positive things, and I enjoyed Independence Day most. I also visited amazing places such as the Smokey Mountains, Stone Mountain, Amicalola Falls State Park, and Panama Beach City. Thanks for maintaining Nature’s gift.

What is the most “American” thing you have done during your visit?
The most “American” thing I’ve done is to perform on the job with 100 percent quality and not to rush for anything. I’ve been punctual and on time – coming to the office early and leaving early.


  • Poornaprajna Kuntady

    Ram, Learn as much as possible on technical aspects of product and Cultural aspects of US. Enjoy your stay..