Getting to Know a J-1: Nadine Hartung

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NadineCurrent Location: New York City

Originally From: Germany

What have you found most surprising about America?
America’s diversity really surprised me.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve observed while on your visit?
A strange and one of my best experiences was watching the sold out Rangers game in Yankee stadium while it was snowing and ice cold.

What did you find to be true or false about America that you only learned after spending time here?
I learned so much that I cannot really answer this question.

What one thing would you like to take from America and bring back home?
Just one thing? What about the beach with connection to the underground, Riverside and Central Park, Luke’s Lobster, fresh spices, guacamole, hummus, Chipotle, seafood, steak, fantastic sports events and shows.

What one thing would you like America to adopt from your home?
The health care system.

What has been the favorite part of your experience here?
I love being able to choose between so many cultural offers, sports events and get aways. And it is great to be able to be here long enough to travel to other parts of the U.S. We so far enjoyed staying in Washington D.C., in Buffalo and in Boston and we are looking forward to go to the West Coast.

What has been your least favorite part about your experience here?
Being an alien looking for an apartment and a bank account.

What is one burning question you have about America that you would like someone to answer for you?
Why do you think it is OK that education on every level is so costly?

Someone you know from back home is coming to America for the first time. What is one thing they should definitely bring with them?

What is the one place you would most like to visit before you leave America?
The Grand Canyon.

What are you most likely to tell friends and family at home about America?
That it was an adventure.

What is one thing your American colleagues and friends have been surprised to learn about life back in your home country?
How good our public education system is and how subsidized.

What impact do you think your experience here will have after you return home?
I feel more grounded. I think I will take a better ability to look at things from different angles back home.

What is the most “American” thing you have done during your visit?
It is either going to an Oscars’ party at friends or eating hot dog in Madison Square Garden while watching a Rangers game.


  • Tausifa Hasin Tajalli

    To be candid, my experience in USA has been one of the best experiences in my life. From VISA processing to pursuing my internship, people have been really helpful and caring. As a foreigner in this country, I appreciate people’s kindness and politeness here from public transits to my work place- Starbucks. To say about my working experience, it has made sense to me what makes a company so successful. That is treating people as human beings other than a mean to an end. There is no hierarchy in terms of employer and employee; they are considered as partners! To say more about Seattle, I wonder how beautiful this place is! I am surprised to see the organized traffic systems and parking rules here. The most unique feeling being in USA is that I feel confident here because people do not criticize; rather, they correct me through polite suggestions.