Getting to Know a J-1: Isaac Safdie

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Current location:
Boston, MA

Originally from:

What one thing would you like America to adopt from your home?
The passion for soccer.

What has been your least favorite part about your experience here?
The winter was pretty bad. I never experienced something like that.

Someone you know from back home is coming to America for the first time. What is one thing they should definitely bring with them?
Energy. There is a lot to do in this country!

What is the one place you would most like to visit before you leave America?
The Colorado River.

What is one thing your American colleagues and friends have been surprised to learn about life back in your home country?
That it is actually usual to wear swimming suits in public.

What impact do you think your experience here will have after you return home?
I will start following the National Basketball Association (NBA) from my home country!

What is the most “American” thing you have done during your visit?
Party on the 4th of July!