How Did Exchange Visitors Celebrate the Holidays? See Our Video Contest Winner

exchange holiday video

For many of our exchange visitors, the winter season marks the first time they’ve celebrated the holidays in the United States. From our country’s Thanksgiving feast to Christmas and New Year’s traditions that are unique to the United States, exchange visitors have the opportunity to see the holidays in a new way.

That’s why this past holiday season, the American Immigration Council’s exchange team opened our Holiday Video contest competition. We wanted exchange visitors to showcase their holiday experience in the United States starting with Thanksgiving through the New Year celebration. In January, we voted and decided unanimously on a winner.

Vanessa Liao is a trainee from Taiwan at ID3 Group in Atlanta, Georgia. She produced a video showcasing highlights from her Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as a fun New Year celebration in Disney World with a magnificent display of fireworks. Parts of her video showed her and her new friends enjoying parties leading up to Christmas, as well as a Christmas decoration competition hosted by her apartment complex. It also showed ID3 Group’s Christmas party.

Throughout the video, Vanessa addressed her audience directly with some of her plans for the holiday season. It made you feel like you were in the video experiencing the same things as she did.

A video of this quality took some time to make and edit. All her efforts paid off and she is more than deserving to have won this year’s prize of a $500 American Airlines gift card. You can check out Vanessa’s video below.

We will be hosting more competitions, so do not hesitate to enter to win and have your hard work showcased to our exchange community!

How did you celebrate the holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!