October 2011 Exchange Visitor of the Month: Sabine Mucha

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Sabine_MuchaCongratulations to Sabine Mucha, our Exchange Visitor of the Month. We recently caught up with Sabine to learn more about her J-1 visa experience.

Tell me about your training:
EMD Serono is the US side of my German company. I’m training in pharmaceutical services. I hope when I go back to Germany I can share all of the new things I learned even after 10 years in the field.

What is your favorite thing about your training?
The people! They are very helpful and show me how to do lots of new things.

What do you like to do outside of training?
Lots of things! Boston and New England are my favorite part of the US even though I normally don’t like big cities. In Boston there is a lot of history and interesting architecture and parks. I went to a NHL game and it was awesome! I liked it because I also play hockey. I also like to go to nature. I went for a long weekend to New Hampshire. I drove up Mt. Washington and it was very cold. But the color is great! And Whale watching…a must in Boston. I had a lot of luck because on the way back in we had a great sunset and saw a lot of whales!

What is your favorite new food?
Italian food! And of course, I like cheese cake. Lobster was ok and tasted very good for my first lobster, but it’s not my favorite.

Are there any differences between your country and the US?
Some but it’s not so difficult to adapt. In Boston there is a little bit of European style. People here talk more with you and smile at you. Small talk is a big difference. It’s more friendly and familiar. I love it here!

Do you use the IEC Facebook page?
It’s great to check it in the evening when I have time to read it.

Any advice for other trainees and interns?
When you are in Boston go to Back Bay and you’ll be able to speak with people on the street. There are so many different cultures in the city, it’s great! You can read a lot about the cities in the US but when you live there for a time you really can get to know them.