February 2012 Exchange Visitor of the Month: Marloes Schenk

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Marloes_Schenk_lululemon_0Congratulations to Marloes Schenk, our Exchange Visitor of the Month. We recently caught up with Marloes to learn more about her J-1 training experience.

Describe your training.

I started at the end of July at Lululemon NYC Union Square to get acquainted with all the store operations. I started as an educator and then I was a key leader, learning how to be a store manager and how to train and work with the educators. I also learned how to work on guest issues and quality issues. I just had assistant store manager training to see what that position is about.

What are you hoping to do after your training?

My biggest goal is to know everything to know about store operations so I can open the first store in Europe. I am now trained so I can be a store manager.

What is your favorite thing about your training?

I’m learning so much not only about Lululemon but also a lot about American culture and different cultures in Manhattan. People are focused on sharing info and helping other people to grow.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of your training?

There’s so much happening! But the biggest thing is a lot of yoga, spinning and running. Yoga and spinning are so big in New York, especially around Union Square. There are also great restaurants and museums. My husband is doing an MBA program so we go out with people from his school a lot.

New favorite Places?

I love Flywheel and Soul Cycle for spinning! For cocktails I normally go to Apothek and it’s like an old medicine/pharmacy. We go out to dinner to Beauty & Essex. The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) is great for its open rooftop! There are big galleries and little galleries everywhere.

Any new favorite (or not so favorite) foods?

Normally I only drank cappuccino but here I go for a skim latte everyday! I love oatmeal raisin cookies. I love everything with raisins. Café Angelique is right around the corner from me and it’s great. The News Café has the best oatmeal with cranberries and raisins.

How do you like living and training in NYC?

I love cities and living cities! I love living in Amsterdam as well but my husband and I are enjoying our time here. We just moved to the west village which is beautiful. It’s expensive though.

Any advice?

What I’ve noticed through being at Lululemon is that you can really get to know people by exercising with them. People in NYC are really active. It’s always a great moment to meet other people and hear what their goals are in life. When you are moving from a different country you want take in everything. I also found a big community of Dutch people.